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Bike Relocation Services by Eagle Packers and Movers (Eagle Relocation India)

Eagle Packers and Movers (Eagle Relocation India) specializes in bike relocation services that are indispensable for individuals and businesses across India. With the rising number of two-wheeler owners in the country, the need for reliable, efficient, and safe transportation of these vehicles is more significant than ever. Whether you are relocating for a new job, sending a bike to a family member, or simply moving to another city, our services ensure that your bike reaches its destination securely and conveniently.

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The role of bike relocation services like ours is critical in a country as vast as India, where intercity travel and relocation are common. Eagle Packers and Movers simplifies the complex process of bike transportation by managing all logistics, from freight regulations to route planning, ensuring a seamless transition for your vehicle. Our approach to bike shifting focuses on both convenience and safety, liberating our clients from the stress and risks associated with transporting bikes on their own.

At Eagle Packers and Movers, we understand that the safety of your bike is paramount. We employ state-of-the-art packing techniques and materials to protect your bike from any potential damage during transit. Moreover, our comprehensive insurance coverage provides an additional layer of security, covering any unexpected incidents that may occur.

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Choosing the Right Bike Relocation Services

Selecting the right bike relocation service is a crucial decision that impacts the safety and condition of your bike during transit. Here are some criteria and considerations for choosing reliable bike packers and movers, especially focusing on the importance of opting for verified bike transportation companies.

Criteria for Selecting Reliable Bike Packers and Movers:

  1. Reputation and Reviews: Check for online reviews and testimonials from previous customers to gauge the reliability and quality of service provided by the company. Companies like Eagle Packers and Movers often have feedback available on various platforms that reflect their service standards.

  2. Certifications and Licensing: Ensure that the bike relocation service is properly licensed and certified to operate in the transportation sector. This guarantees that they adhere to industry standards and regulations.

  3. Experience in Bike Relocation: Look for companies that specialize in bike relocation and have substantial experience in the field. Experienced providers understand the nuances of bike packing, handling, and transporting, reducing the risk of damage.

  4. Insurance Coverage: Opt for services that offer comprehensive insurance coverage for bike transportation. This is crucial for financial protection against any damages or losses during the moving process.

  5. Transparent Pricing: Reliable movers provide clear and upfront pricing without hidden charges. It’s important to get a detailed quote that outlines all costs associated with the relocation process.

Importance of Choosing Verified Bike Transportation Companies:

  • Enhanced Security: Verified companies are more likely to follow safety protocols and use appropriate tools and techniques for securely packing and transporting bikes. Verification means that their services have been inspected and approved by relevant authorities.

  • Accountability: Verified movers are accountable to regulatory bodies, which means they are committed to maintaining high standards of service. This accountability ensures that they consistently deliver quality service.

  • Reliability: Working with a verified company increases the likelihood of experiencing a hassle-free relocation. These companies are often more professional and equipped to handle any challenges that arise during the transportation process.

  • Trust: Verification instills trust, as these companies are recognized as legitimate and trustworthy in the industry. This recognition is crucial when handing over valuable assets like bikes for transportation.

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Services Offered for Bike Relocation

Bike Shifting Services

Bike shifting services are crucial for those looking to relocate their two-wheelers either within a city or to another city. These services ensure that your bike is moved safely and efficiently, using specialized equipment and vehicles. The service covers both local and intercity relocations, providing a seamless transition for your vehicle from one location to another. Whether you are moving for personal or professional reasons, bike shifting services handle the complexities of transportation, making the process worry-free for you.

Door-to-door Shifting

One of the most significant benefits of modern bike relocation services is the door-to-door delivery option. This service offers the ultimate convenience by picking up your bike directly from your home and delivering it to your new location. It eliminates the need for you to transport the bike to a depot or collection point. Door-to-door shifting is designed to reduce handling, minimize transit time, and ensure that your bike reaches its destination in the condition it was picked up in, without you having to leave the comfort of your home.

Bike Transport by Train or Truck

When it comes to transporting your bike, there are several options available, including transport by train or truck. Each mode of transport offers its own advantages. Bike Transport by Train is often considered a safer and more cost-effective option for long-distance moves, as railways in India are known for their extensive network and reliability. Bike Transport by Truck, on the other hand, provides flexibility with timing and can be faster, especially for shorter distances or when door-to-door service is required. Both options ensure that your bike is securely fastened and shielded from the elements during transit, preventing any damage.

Preparing Your Bike for Relocation with Eagle Packers and Movers (Eagle Relocation India)

When preparing your bike for relocation, there are several important steps you should take to ensure its safety during transit. At Eagle Packers and Movers (Eagle Relocation India), we recommend the following best practices to protect your two-wheeler and make the shifting process as smooth as possible:

Steps to Prepare Your Bike

  1. Check the Tire Pressure: Ensure that your bike’s tires are inflated to the recommended pressure. This helps prevent any damage to the tires themselves and maintains the bike’s stability during transport.

  2. Secure Loose Parts: Any loose parts or accessories on your bike, such as mirrors, should either be secured tightly or removed and packed separately. This reduces the risk of losing these items or having them cause damage to the bike during the move.

  3. Clean Your Bike: Cleaning your bike before relocation not only helps in inspecting it for any pre-existing damages but also prevents dirt and grime from causing additional wear during transport.

  4. Document Your Bike’s Condition: Take photos and make notes of your bike’s current state to document its pre-move condition. This will be helpful for both insurance purposes and to ensure that any post-move damages can be clearly identified.

  5. Drain the Fuel: It’s advisable to drain most of the fuel from the bike. A full tank can pose safety hazards while the reduced weight may help in easier handling during the relocation.

Importance of Protective Packing

Protective packing is crucial for ensuring that your bike remains safe and undamaged throughout the relocation process. At Eagle Packers and Movers, we use high-quality materials designed for durable protection, including:

  • Bubble Wrap: To guard against scratches and dings.
  • Corrugated Sheets: These provide an additional layer of protection, especially useful for guarding the bike’s body.
  • Stretch Wrap: To secure the wrapping materials and keep the bike in a compact form.
  • Foam Padding: Applied to sensitive areas such as the handlebars and edges to prevent any impact damage.

Proper packing not only protects your bike from physical damage but also shields it from dust, water, and other environmental factors during the journey. By entrusting your bike to Eagle Packers and Movers, you ensure it is handled with the utmost care and expertise, utilizing the best packing techniques in the industry.

Pricing and Charges for Bike Relocation Services

Understanding the pricing and charges for bike relocation is crucial for anyone looking to move their two-wheeler across cities or states. At Eagle Packers and Movers (Eagle Relocation India), we ensure transparency and affordability in all our bike shifting services. Here’s an overview of the factors that typically influence bike transport charges and tips on how to secure the best quotes.

Factors Influencing Bike Transport Charges

  1. Distance of Relocation: The primary factor in determining the cost is the distance your bike needs to be transported. Longer distances will generally result in higher charges due to the increased fuel and labor costs.

  2. Type of Service: We offer different types of relocation services, including door-to-door delivery and terminal-to-terminal delivery. Door-to-door service provides the convenience of having your bike picked up from your current location and delivered directly to your new location, which might cost slightly more due to the additional labor involved.

  3. Type of Bike: The model and size of your bike also play a significant role in the pricing. Larger or more premium bikes require special handling and packaging to ensure their safety, which can increase the cost.

  4. Packing and Handling: We use high-quality material for packing and the latest handling equipment to ensure the utmost safety of your bike during transit. The cost of these materials and the complexity of packing can affect the overall price.

  5. Insurance: Opting for insurance is highly recommended to protect against any unforeseen circumstances during the move. The cost of insurance will depend on the value of your bike and the specifics of the policy.

  6. Seasonality: The time of year can also impact the cost of relocation services. Peak moving seasons may see higher prices due to increased demand.

Getting the Best Quotes for Bike Shifting Services

  1. Compare Quotes: Start by requesting quotes from multiple service providers. Eagle Packers and Movers provides a competitive and transparent pricing model that ensures you receive the best value for your services.

  2. Check for Hidden Costs: Ensure that the quotes you receive are all-inclusive. Ask for a breakdown of costs to avoid any hidden charges that might surface later.

  3. Negotiate: Don’t hesitate to negotiate with service providers. Often, there is some room for negotiation, especially if you are moving multiple items or require additional services.

  4. Early Booking: Booking your bike relocation service in advance can sometimes secure you a better rate. Last-minute bookings, especially during peak seasons, can be more expensive.

  5. Look for Reviews and Testimonials: Opt for a service provider with good reviews and testimonials. This not only ensures a competitive price but also guarantees quality service.


Service Type Up to 400 Km Up to 1900 Km
Car Shifting Charges Rs 3,999 - 7,999 Rs 3,999 - 79,999
Bike Shifting Charges Rs 1,999 - 8,999 Rs 1,999 - 15,499
Car and Bike Shifting Charges Rs 5,999 - 24,999 Rs 9,999 - 49,999
Vehicle + Household Shifting Charges Rs 9,999 - 46,999 Rs 24,999 - 69,999

Bike Transport Charges According to Distance:

Distance-Based Vehicle Transport Charges in India:

Engine/Power/Types Up to 400 Km 400 – 800 Km 800 – 1300 Km 1300 – 1900 Km
100cc - 150cc Bike Rs 1,999 - 3,499 Rs 2,999 - 3,999 Rs 3,499 - 4,499 Rs 3,999 - 4,999
150cc - 200cc Bike Rs 2,399 - 3,599 Rs 3,399 - 4,099 Rs 3,899 - 4,599 Rs 4,399 - 4,899
200cc - 250cc Bike Rs 2,699 - 3,899 Rs 3,699 - 4,399 Rs 4,199 - 4,899 Rs 4,699 - 4,999
250cc - 350cc Bike Rs 2,799 - 3,799 Rs 3,799 - 4,299 Rs 4,299 - 4,799 Rs 4,799 - 4,999
350cc - 500cc Bike Rs 2,799 - 3,799 Rs 3,799 - 4,299 Rs 4,299 - 4,799 Rs 4,799 - 4,999
Sports Bike Rs 4,499 - 6,999 Rs 5,999 - 8,999 Rs 7,999 - 11,999 Rs 10,999 - 14,999
Cruiser Sports Bike Rs 4,999 - 8,499 Rs 6,999 - 10,499 Rs 8,999 - 13,499 Rs 11,999 - 16,499
Off-Road Sports Bike Rs 5,999 - 8,999 Rs 7,499 - 11,499 Rs 9,999 - 14,499 Rs 12,999 - 17,499
Route Wagon-R, Alto, etc. i-20, Polo, etc. Baleno, D-zire, etc. Toyota Corolla, Breeza, etc. XUV, Scorpio, etc.
Delhi to Bangalore Rs 24,499 - 25,999 Rs 24,999 - 27,999 Rs 26,499 - 29,999 Rs 27,499 - 32,999 Rs 34,999 - 39,999
Kolkata to Bangalore Rs 17,999 - 19,999 Rs 19,499 - 21,999 Rs 22,999 - 24,499 Rs 24,999 - 26,499 Rs 27,999 - 29,999
Mumbai to Delhi Rs 13,999 - 14,999 Rs 14,499 - 16,999 Rs 15,499 - 18,499 Rs 16,999 - 19,999 Rs 19,499 - 23,499
Gurgaon to Bangalore Rs 23,999 - 25,999 Rs 24,499 - 27,999 Rs 25,999 - 29,999 Rs 26,999 - 32,499 Rs 34,499 - 38,999
Ahmedabad to Bangalore Rs 13,999 - 14,499 Rs 14,499 - 16,499 Rs 14,999 - 17,999 Rs 15,499 - 19,499 Rs 19,499 - 22,999
Bangalore to Hyderabad Rs 3,999 - 5,999 Rs 5,499 - 6,999 Rs 7,499 - 9,999 Rs 10,499 - 13,499 Rs 11,999 - 14,999
Delhi to Chennai Rs 23,999 - 25,999 Rs 23,999 - 27,499 Rs 25,999 - 29,499 Rs 27,499 - 32,499 Rs 33,999 - 39,499
Mumbai to Hyderabad Rs 4,499 - 6,999 Rs 5,999 - 6,999 Rs 7,999 - 10,999 Rs 11,499 - 13,999 Rs 12,999 - 15,999
Bangalore to Bhubaneswar Rs 13,999 - 13,999 Rs 14,499 - 15,999 Rs 14,499 - 17,999 Rs 14,999 - 19,499 Rs 18,999 - 22,999

Safety Measures by Eagle Packers and Movers (Eagle Relocation India)

At Eagle Packers and Movers (Eagle Relocation India), ensuring the secure transportation of your bike is at the forefront of our services. We adhere to stringent safety protocols that set industry standards, guaranteeing that your bike is in safe hands throughout its journey.

Professional Safety Protocols

  1. Specialized Handling Equipment: We use advanced handling equipment designed specifically for bikes to ensure that they are loaded and unloaded without any risk of damage.

  2. Trained Professional Movers: Our team consists of extensively trained professionals who understand the nuances of bike packing and transportation, ensuring that every bike is handled with the utmost care.

  3. Secure Transportation Vehicles: Our fleet includes customized vehicles equipped with securing ties and padding that prevent any movement of the bike during transit, eliminating the risk of scratches or dents.

  4. Regular Vehicle Maintenance: To avoid any on-road issues, all our transportation vehicles undergo regular maintenance checks to ensure they are in optimal condition for safe and smooth transit.

Importance of Quality Material Packing

The packing material used in the transportation of bikes is critical to maintaining the integrity of your vehicle. At Eagle Packers and Movers, we prioritize the use of high-quality packing materials that offer superior protection against environmental factors and vibrations:

  1. High-Quality Wraps and Covers: We use durable, shock-absorbent wraps that shield the bikes from scratches and minor impacts.

  2. Protective Padding: Strategic placement of protective padding on sensitive areas of the bike helps in preventing any potential damage during the transportation process.

  3. Waterproof Covers: To safeguard against weather elements, bikes are enveloped in waterproof covers, ensuring they remain dry and clean, regardless of the external conditions.

Additional Services Offered by Eagle Packers and Movers (Eagle Relocation India)

Two-Wheeler Transport Services

At Eagle Packers and Movers, we recognize that different types of two-wheelers require tailored transportation solutions. Whether you own a lightweight scooter or a heavy-duty motorcycle, our services are designed to meet the specific needs of each vehicle. We provide customized packing and handling that take into account the unique requirements of your two-wheeler, ensuring that it is transported without any risk of damage. For scooters, which are generally lighter and more compact, we utilize secure strapping and padding that prevents any movement during transit, safeguarding against scratches or dents. For larger motorcycles, we use additional supports and harnesses to maintain stability and protect against any external pressures that might occur on rougher routes. This approach ensures that regardless of the type, your two-wheeler is delivered in the condition it was picked up.

Efficient and Safe Bike Transportation

  1. Professional Handling: Our team of experts is trained in advanced handling techniques specific to bike transportation. From loading to unloading, every step is meticulously planned and executed to avoid any harm to your bike.

  2. Quality Packing Materials: We use only the highest quality packing materials, including bubble wrap, corrugated sheets, and stretch wrap, to provide maximum protection during transit. This material ensures that your bike is shielded from any incidental scratches or impacts.

  3. GPS Tracking: To enhance the security of your two-wheeler during transit, all our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems. This allows us to monitor the journey and provides you with real-time updates, giving you peace of mind about the safety of your vehicle.

  4. Insurance Coverage: Understanding the value of your two-wheeler, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage for all our bike relocation services. This policy covers any unforeseen incidents, ensuring that you are fully protected against potential losses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Eagle Packers and Movers (Eagle Relocation India)

1. What types of two-wheelers does Eagle Packers and Movers transport?

Answer: We specialize in transporting all types of two-wheelers, including scooters, motorcycles, and high-end bikes. Our services are customized to address the specific needs of different two-wheeler models to ensure safe and secure transportation.

2. How does Eagle Packers and Movers ensure the safety of my bike during transportation?

Answer: We employ multiple safety measures including professional handling, use of high-quality packing materials, secure loading techniques, and GPS tracking to ensure your bike is transported safely. Additionally, our comprehensive insurance coverage provides extra security.

3. Can I track my bike during the relocation process?

Answer: Yes, all our transport vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems. This feature allows you to monitor the progress of your bike’s relocation in real-time, providing peace of mind throughout the transit period.

4. What is included in your bike transportation insurance coverage?

Answer: Our insurance coverage protects against any damages that may occur during the transportation process. It covers various incidents, including accidental damage and theft, ensuring that you are fully protected against unforeseen events.

5. How do I get a quote for bike shifting services from Eagle Packers and Movers?

Answer: You can easily obtain a quote by contacting us through our website, via phone, or by visiting one of our local offices. We offer transparent pricing based on the type of your two-wheeler, the distance of relocation, and specific service requirements.

6. How long does it take to transport a bike from one city to another?

Answer: The duration of bike transportation depends on the distance between the origin and the destination cities. However, we strive to complete all relocations efficiently while ensuring the safety of your bike. We will provide a time estimate during the booking process.

7. Do you provide door-to-door bike relocation services?

Answer: Yes, we offer comprehensive door-to-door relocation services. Our team will pick up your bike from your current location and deliver it directly to the address specified, providing a hassle-free relocation experience.

8. What makes Eagle Packers and Movers different from other bike transportation services?

Answer: Our commitment to providing tailored and secure bike transport solutions sets us apart. We focus on professional handling, employing expert movers, and using top-quality packing materials, all while offering competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.

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